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Abstract submission


Submitting a paper for the 17th IWA SWWS and 9th IWA ROS Conferences gives you an opportunity to present your work to a global audience and the opportunity of publishing an extended version in a leading international peer-reviewed journal. The Conferences technical programme will consist of oral presentations, poster presentations and technical tours.


Oral presentations

Authors who would like to have their papers considered for an oral presentation are asked to submit an abstract up to 3 pages (including references). Presentations will be 15 mins + 5 mins for questions.

Poster presentations

Authors who would like to have their papers considered for poster presentation will be required to submit up to 3 pages abstract (including references). A poster template will be made available on the conference website in due time. Outline Poster Template (soon)

Abstract submission consists of two mandatory steps:

Step 1: Microsoft Word file upload, in template formatting, according to the instructions.

Step 2: Filling the system template information boxes, according to their appearance order.

Steps 1 and 2 must be concluded in order so that the abstract may be considered submitted.

The author must fill in a registration in the abstract submission system (link here), containing each author’s: name, CPF or passport number, e-mail, cell phone number, nationality, and institution. All co-authors registration is mandatory.

Abstract Format: Outline Paper Template

Important Dates for Abstract Submission

  • Registration open: Dec., 2023.

  • Call for papers open: Dec., 2023.

  • Deadline for abstract submissionExtended to 31st May, 2024

  • Author notification: Aug., 2024.

  • Updated abstract submission deadline*: Sept., 2024.

  • Early bird registration deadline: Sept., 2024.

  • Regular registration deadline: Nov., 2024.

  • On-site registration fee applied: Sept., 2024.

  • Conferences week: 10th - 14th Nov., 2024.

    * Authors are invited to upload an updated abstract version into the system, if there are suggestions from the Scientific Committee. The best papers will be invited for publication in IWA journals.

  • Abstract must only be submitted in English.

  • Abstract submission is exclusively through the event's website. E-mail or any other kind of submission will not be accepted.

  • Authors are strongly advised to ensure the accuracy of the submitted abstracts, as they will appear as they are without editing by the organizers.

  • Presenting author of an accepted abstract MUST register and complete the full payment prior to 23:59, Aug 15, 2024 (GMT+8), to be included in the program of IWA 17th SWWS and 9th ROS Conferences.

  • After registration, the submission procedure is done through the link:

  • Please comply with the deadline regarding the abstract submission.

  • Should you require revising your abstract after submission, please contact IWA SWWS ROS 2024 Conferences Secretariat (CONTACT US).

  • After the updated abstract submission deadline, authors cannot make any change to the submitted abstracts.

  • Published abstracts are prohibited submitting to IWA 17th SWWS and 9th ROS Conferences.

  • Abstract FormatOutline Paper Template

  • Best abstracts and presentations’ authors (graded for example by session chair) will be invited to publish a full paper in IWA Journals in a special edition.

   Abstracts may be submitted to one of the themes listed below or submitted to a symposium based on the authors’ choices. The scientific committee will evaluate the submitted abstracts and allocate the selected submissions based on the same criteria.



Main Themes of 17th IWA SWWS
and 9th IWA ROS Conferences

  1. Case studies of small water and wastewater systems

  2. Resource-oriented sanitation solutions

  3. Energy efficiency in small water and wastewater systems

  4. Small scale and decentralized wastewater treatment and management systems

  5. Eco-solutions for wastewater treatment

  6. Management of sludge from small water and wastewater systems

  7. Non-sewered systems

  8. Monitoring and removal of emerging contaminants and pathogens

  9. Monitoring of water bodies

  10. Nutrients removal and recovery in source-separation systems

  11. Pathogen fate and removal in water and wastewater systems

  12. Sanitation solutions for rural communities

  13. Biogas management and energy recovery

  14. Odour control and carbon neutrality in wastewater systems

  15. Sludge treatment and reuse

  16. Water reuse (rain water harvesting, use of treated wastewater etc.)

  17. Management and planning tools (LCA, risk assessment, etc.)

  18. Social aspects, environmental policies and regulations

  19. Innovation, education, training and certification

  20. Environmental microbiology and population dynamics

  21. Process modelling

  22. Wastewater-based epidemiology

Condition of Presenting


  • Each abstract might have up to 5 authors, being 1 (one) the main author and the other 4 (four) co-authors.

  • One of the authors must be assigned as presenter, he or she will be responsible for the submission fee payment in the session “Abstract Author” validating up to 3 accepted abstracts. 

  • It is possible to be the presenter in up to 3 (three) abstracts. There is no co-author participation limit.

  • Up to 3 (three) abstracts will be accepted per presenter registration. Those who have already achieved the maximum number can only be listed as co-authors in other abstracts.

  • The presentation must be done by the one indicated in the abstract submission. Should the presenter not be able to attend the event, any co-author may present as long as he or she is registered in the Conferences.

  • All produced material regarding the abstracts (annals, certificates, among others) will be author’s submitted information accurate reproduction. Therefore, it is not possible to alter the title, abstract, or authors after the submission deadline. We emphasize that provided information is the submitting author’s full responsibility.

  • Abstract submission represents the author(s) commitment to presenting abstracts, if accepted, during the events.

  • Should you require revising your abstract aftersubmission, please contact IWA 17th SWWS and 9th ROS Conferences Secretariat by


Copyright & Legal Obligation

  • All information in the abstract submission, including authors’ names, affiliations, authors’ order of listing, and the content of the abstract, will be used in the Conference publications.

  • It is recommended that the contributor checks every column carefully before submitting the abstract.

  • The contributor carries legal obligations of the abstract; any violation of a third party’s right will be the responsibility of the contributor him/herself.

  • IWA 17th SWWS and 9th ROS Conferences have the copyright to use the abstract in the Conference for scientific purposes without any prior notice to the contributor/authors.


Conferences Language

The official language in the conference will be English. There will be oral and poster presentations, with a digital book of abstracts available for download from the conference website.


Upcoming Deadlines

Call for papers open

December 2023

Registration open

December 2023

Deadline for abstract submission

31st May 2024

Author’s notification

Aug., 2024

Updated abstract submission deadline*

Sept., 2024

Early bird registration deadline

Sept., 2024

Regular registration deadline

Nov., 2024

On-site registration fee applied

Sept., 2024

Conferences week

10th - 14th Nov., 2024

*Authors are invited to upload an updated abstract version into the system, if there are suggestions from the Scientific Committee. The best papers will be invited for publication in IWA journals.

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