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Conference City

Curitiba, according to recent data from the Municipality Competitiveness Index (MCI), is the second capital city with the best business environment in the country. With its first-class infrastructure, modern spaces, and a welcoming atmosphere, the city offers everything organizers and participants of major events need for an unforgettable experience.

Furthermore, Curitiba's cultural diversity and historical richness add a special touch to the events, making them even more memorable. Curitiba is a city that captivates with its unique urban characteristics.


From its efficient public transportation system to its beautiful parks and cultural spaces, the capital of Paraná offers a high quality of life for residents and delightful moments for visitors. The city's concern for environmental preservation and appreciation of local culture are defining features.

Curitiba leads for the fifth consecutive time the ABES Universalization Ranking of Sanitation as the Brazilian capital with the best sanitation. In the capital of Paraná, 100% of the urban population has access to treated water, and nearly 98% has access to a sewage collection network.  

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