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17th IWA Conference on Small Water and Wastewater Systems (SWWS) and 9th IWA Conference on Resource Oriented Sanitation (ROS)


10 NOV - 14 NOV 2024 

Welcome and invitation

Welcome to the 17th IWA Conference on Small Water and Wastewater Systems (SWWS) and 9th IWA Conference on Resource Oriented Sanitation (ROS), hosted by the International Water Association (IWA) Specialist Groups for SWWS and ROS, respectively.


After a long period of pandemic, we are thrilled to announce that we are returning to hold both Conferences in Curitiba, Paraná State, Brazil, 10th-14th November, 2024, in person.

Working in multidisciplinary teams, thinking innovatively and being bold is fundamental in order to elaborate solutions which can be carried out in future times aiming at adopting and mitigating climate change. The Conferences focus on current global and regional issues, attempting to foster innovation, as well as develop technologies and their applications to adress solutions for the challenges inherent to sustainable environmental sanitation.

Each theme is thought to create interesting and relevant discussions. This is only possible by bringing together the most influential and impactful water and wastewater researchers.

On behalf of the Programme Committee, you are strongly encouraged to participate in these Conferences through the submission of your outlines and papers on innovative and sustainable approaches. We expect to attract exciting and exceptional contributions.


These Conferences success largely depends on your participation, so please, join us in Curitiba in 2024. We confidently believe the exchange of ideas presented and 
developed by you will be stimulating.


We look forward to welcoming you to Curitiba soon!

Organising Committee

Photo by Leonardo Bettinelli
Historic Building at Praça Santos Andrade, Symbol of Curitiba.

Conferences Language

The official language in the conference will be English.

There will be oral and poster presentations, with a digital book of abstracts available for download from the conference website.


Upcoming Deadlines

Call for papers open

December 2023

Registration open

December 2023

Deadline for abstract submission

31st May 2024

Author’s notification

16th Aug., 2024

Updated abstract submission deadline*

Sept., 2024

Early bird registration deadline

Sept., 2024

Regular registration deadline

Nov., 2024

On-site registration fee applied

Sept., 2024

Conferences week

10th - 14th Nov., 2024

*Authors are invited to upload an updated abstract version into the system, if there are suggestions from the Scientific Committee. The best papers will be invited for publication in IWA journals.

Conferences topics

water conference topics
  1. Case studies of small water and wastewater systems

  2. Resource-oriented sanitation solutions

  3. Energy efficiency in small water and wastewater systems

  4. Small scale and decentralized wastewater treatment and management systems

  5. Eco-solutions for wastewater treatment

  6. Management of sludge from small water and wastewater systems

  7. Non-sewered systems

  8. Monitoring and removal of emerging contaminants and pathogens

  9. Monitoring of water bodies

  10. Nutrients removal and recovery in source-separation systems

  11. Pathogen fate and removal in water and wastewater systems

  12. Sanitation solutions for rural communities

  13. Biogas management and energy recovery

  14. Odour control and carbon neutrality in wastewater systems

  15. Sludge treatment and reuse

  16. Water reuse (rain water harvesting, use of treated wastewater etc.)

  17. Management and planning tools (LCA, risk assessment, etc.)

  18. Social aspects, environmental policies and regulations

  19. Innovation, education, training and certification

  20. Environmental microbiology and population dynamics

  21. Process modelling

  22. Wastewater-based epidemiology

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